Why free?

Why do we offer free services you ask, let me explain.

It has to bad for business offering free services. Our suppliers are not giving us any free services so how can we do this for you and why would be bother. Well thankfully we can offer a free tier as there is a minimal cost to us, not zero by any means but at least small enough we can offer a limited number of free accounts every month.

As for the why. We are a small company and we can understand how hard it is to get started using the internet. We know that buying a domain can sometimes be the limit of your budget or even stretch it at little so we wanted to make getting started as cheap as possible. We also wanted to offer the chance for you to test our services. If we were a local coffee shop then you could ask your friend if we were any good or maybe we could give you a free sample the first time and this is the same. We want you to come in, say hello and get to know us. If you find our service is what you need then great and if not we hope we can help you find what you are looking for.

So come and try our free hosting package and get started showing the world your awesome.

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