The legal bit

Everyone hates the legal bit. Often it is a massive wall of text called “Terms and Conditions” which should be called “How we take ownership of your and your childrens souls”.

Sadly we are no exception to the rules (this time) and we also have had to add the standard legal documents on our website. Hopefully you will not find any children eating clauses in our contracts. We got some help from our friends over at Shopify who are kind enough to have free templates for everything you need even if you are not using their service.

I always used to know I was in a shop with great service when I would go in and ask for something and when they didn’t have it the person in the shop would be happy to redirect you to the next shop that had your item even if it was their competitors.

We like companies that put customer service before short term profits and we hope that is the kind of serviceyou will experience that from us here at Host Of Doom.

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