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I put up our first Reddit ad a few days ago to help find more users. Our mission is to help more people enjoy the wonderful world of the internet.

We have been looking at Reddit Ads because what we do is kinda geeky, we are a hosting company proving things like web, email and DNS hosting. If you are not at least a little geeky then those words back there in the last sentence likely don’t mean a whole lot to you. We have read that as a general rule it is a good idea to try and target your specific audience as closely as possible otherwise you can end up spending a lot of ads and not getting a lot for it. On an initial play with Google Adwords the ‘Cost Per Click’ was over £1.80 where with Reddit it is under $0.18.

Signing up is easy and we created a hostofdoom Reddit account that could be used for the company to communicate with all of the lovely people on Reddit. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to get in touch with us.

As we have been running the ads for a few weeks now we have seen some traffic and some comments. As expected some of them are negative and some positive. A few remarked on our simple website too, more about that to come in a future post. The ads being so cheap have allowed us to test the website setup, the stats system Matomo and try out a live chat app you will see on this page called Tawk that allows us to chat with anyone visiting the site. On the site you see the little box to the right and we have a mobile and web app on our side.

What we have found is that while we can get people to click on the ads no one has yet even signed up for a free package. This is great news, we have for the cost of say a few cups of coffee been able to launch an idea, target it to a specific audience to see if it works and even get some feedback on our approach. This has all been done in a few weeks. Just a decade or two ago this would have taken months and teams of people and lots and lots of money.

Now we have to go and improve the site, improve the products we are offering to be closer to what people want and see if we can convince someone to let us host their doom.



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